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Status cell (for selections)

To signify when the betting instruction is being processed, the ‘Status’ cell will change.
Possible values for the status cell:
The status cell is clear and Bet Angel will process the instruction on this row on the next refresh
A betting instruction has been scanned and is being sent to betfair
The bet has been placed and the bet reference has been returned
The bet has been placed with a fill or kill timer running, once the timer expires (or if the bet is matched before the timer expires) the status will change to PLACED
The market was suspended when the instruction was processed
The bet placement failed when sent to betfair. Check that the price & stake used were valid and check the Log page for other error messages
An Individual command (CANCEL_ALL, GREEN etc) was processed
An error occurred during the processing of an individual command. e.g. A syntax error in the command