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Instruction fields

The green cells in the Excel template are the instruction fields. Use these cells to tell Bet Angel what you want it to do.
On each refresh Bet Angel will scan these green cells and process any new instructions on the row (placing bets, greening up, controlling automation etc), once an instruction is processed the Status cell in column O will be updated.
Note: Bet Angel uses the Status cell (column O) to control the instruction scan for that row. For an instruction to be processed the 'Status' cell must be blank.
If the Status cell for a row is empty then Bet Angel will process the instruction as soon as the other cells are populated (e.g. column L and, in the case of bet placement, columns M & N also).  If you want to send a second instruction on that row, then just clear the Status cell once the first instruction has been processed.  For more information about the Status cells see: selections, global