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The Make Market button

Where is the make market button?
The make market button is available on the 'One click' trading screen.
What does it do?
The make market button offers two prices to the market one tick apart. It does this by offering money to the market by backing at the current lay price and laying at the current back price. If both orders are matched then you will create a profitable position.
In traditional financial markets ‘market makers’ are often recruited to provide liquidity for illiquid company shares so that that there is a free market for people to buy and sell those shares. To achieve this market markers quote prices to people wishing to buy and sell in the market. However, the prices they quote to buy and sell also include a spread. This spread includes margin for the market maker. In financial markets you would quote a price to buy and sell, say 1.74 to 1.75. People looking to buy shares would buy at 1.75 and sell them at 1.74. If they bought and sold instantly they would make a loss as they are buying at a higher price than they can sell at. That difference in price goes to the market maker in profit. A market maker makes money purely by offering prices to buy and sell at in the market with some margin in between these prices. They don’t really care about the underlying asset they just quote two prices to buyers and sellers and move their prices to reflect market demand.
The concept behind introducing the make market button was to allow people to price a market with little effort, in a similar manner to a traditional market maker. Laying an entire book to the market in the same way traditional bookmakers would, is a difficult strategy. This is because with big fields you have many orders to manage and the possibility of many unmatched bets, all of which need some sort of management. Failing to get these orders completed may result in a loss or a potential loss. The make market button was introduced to allow you to ‘make a market’ on a single selection in a sports events thus giving you an excellent chance of profit without substantial risk or management of unmatched bets. Using the make market button you can be a market maker.
The ‘make market’ button is useful in markets where you expect to see little price movement in either direction or lots of rapid price movement around the same price. One click on the ‘make market’ button allows you to place two orders in the market simultaneously with just one click. The ‘make market’ function is located to the far right of the screen on the selection you are viewing selection.
When you click on the make market button it place two orders in the market, not only this it places both orders on the ‘reverse’ side of the book. By ‘reverse’ we mean it will lay at the current back price and back at the current lay price. It does this because if both these orders are filled, taken by other market participants, you will create a profit by netting the spread in between these two prices. Bet Angel will place these orders at the prevailing stake in the stake boxes so if you use the make market button make sure both stakes are set at the same level.
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