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Understanding local performance

Monitoring your position and maximising a connection will improve not only your ability to trade the market but also allow you to spot if there are any potential issues.
Excessive response times can cause potential risk to you trading position in the market and cause your software to malfunction. By logging and constantly displaying your responsiveness to Betfair in Bet Angel you can assess whether your connection to Betfair via the internet is performing in line with your expectations and take appropriate action if it is not performing as expected.
Responsiveness indicator
The first and most obvious are the responsiveness indicators at the bottom of the main Bet Angel screen that you will be using. To verify what you are looking at just hover your mouse over the number which is constantly updating. These numbers measure the response time in milliseconds to Betfair for either odds retrieval or bet retrieval when using polling to retrieve market updates. There is no default correct response time. This will be very specific to your set up but by keeping an eye on the response time you will quickly come to understand what is a right or wrong response time.
Bet Angel - Polling Responsiveness indicator
When Streaming mode is enabled the three responsiveness indicators numbers are replaced by the word 'Streaming'.
Bet Angel - Streaming Responsiveness indicator
Transaction Counter
The number of transactions made in any one hour is counted by Betfair. The transaction counter at the bottom of the screen will allow you to keep a track of how many transactions have been made by the software. You can see here there are zero transactions as no bets have been placed yet this hour - there is still 24:23 left until the race is due to start.
NB; The limit on transactions per hour is set by Betfair. Any transactions over this limit are chargeable. Always ensure you are familiar with the charges which are available here Betfair charges