The colour of money

15/07/2008 | By More

One of the things I do often is get a grip on the colours and numbers of a horse. The reason I do so is because if one of them bolts I would like to know very quickly which horse it is. I would have thought in running punters would do the same but it doesn’t appears all of them do. Of if they do they let a quick profit cloud their vision.

Last night at Windsor the commentator called the wrong winner and like lemmings a number of people piled in on the mentioned horse, Brazillian Brush, pushing it to 1.01. Unfortunately for them they didn’t realise their error and £102,000 was matched at 1.01, ouch!

I must admit I didn’t see it as I was making a cup of tea, doh! But a couple of frantic calls alerted me to the situation, by then it was all too late. I am surprised that people didn’t know their colours especially if they were betting in that manner. I guess it may have been a rush of blood that created the error. There is no doubt that gold dust is valuable but if it gets in your eyes it tends to obscure your vision.

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