Bet Angel - Guardian

One of the major features of Bet Angel is its ‘Guardian’ tool.

Guardian is a complete suite of software in its own right and if you dig deeper it contains many tools all of which significantly enhance your ability to find or trade markets.

It also contains a key features of Bet Angel, Advanced Automation.
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Key Concept

Explore Betfair trading like never before with Bet Angel Guardian.

More than just advanced automation, Guardian lets you quickly access and sort a variety of markets, displaying crucial information to seize key trading opportunities. It’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned traders.

Plus, Guardian runs in the background, alerting you to opportunities while you focus on your main trades. Efficient and versatile, it’s your key to smarter trading.

Advanced Automation

For automated, round-the-clock Betfair trading, Advanced automation in Guardian is your go-to feature.

It’s surprisingly vast, offering endless opportunities from market analysis and data integration to enhancing manual strategies or complete automation. With Advanced automation, you avoid the hassle of writing Betfair API code, using simple, familiar coding conventions in a user-friendly interface.

This feature operates independently, potentially covering its own cost through market analysis, opportunity identification, or active trading, all without your direct intervention. Plus, Guardian allows you to focus on other markets while automation runs seamlessly in the background.

Included free of charge with Advanced Automation and hundreds of templates for you to Import and modify.

Watch lists

Stay on top of multiple markets effortlessly with Guardian’s watch lists! These lists not only showcase vital information for each market but also allow you to set custom alerts and incorporate live data, right on your trading screen.

Plus, you can also integrate automation to feed crucial data directly into your watch list.

With a simple click or right-click, you can focus on a specific market or open new trading interfaces, keeping you agile and informed in the dynamic world of trading.

Guardian Customisable Coupons

Sometimes it’s really helpful to see lots of information in front of you, especially from related markets.

Guardian takes this up a level by allowing you to load markets into Guardian then link and display them all at once in a fully customisable coupon. Data will synchronise between markets to make sure you have all the key data immediately available.

You can jump into a market with a simple click and examples of popular coupons are available on the forum to download and import.

Guardian Lists

Bet Angel’s Guardian tool is fully customizable to fit your preferences.

Use its ‘list’ feature to import, export, and tweak its appearance. Download additional examples and templates from our forum for more versatility.

Enhance your market analysis and spot opportunities effortlessly by integrating Automation to feed relevant values and calculations into Guardian. The essence of this feature is to mold Guardian to deliver critical, actionable insights in your preferred format.

Excel Spreadsheet Integration

Link markets directly to a spreadsheet via the Excel tab in Bet Angel’s main interface, or go further with Guardian by integrating multiple markets into one Excel Workbook.

This expands your capabilities, allowing you to populate Guardian with interconnected markets, enabling interactions and bet placements based on related market information.

Auto binding seamlessly switches spreadsheets for efficient monitoring. Meanwhile, you can freely use other Guardian features or work in Bet Angel’s main trading interface, all running smoothly in the background.

Bet Angel Guardian - Summary

Guardian, a highly advanced feature of Bet Angel, is a treasure trove of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Its extensive, customizable features are designed to help you identify and leverage market opportunities. Each feature is sophisticated enough to stand alone as a separate piece of Betfair trading software.

The beauty of Guardian lies in its versatility – all features work both together and independently. This allows for seamless integration with your current trading strategies. You can easily switch between your favourite trading interfaces or open additional ones directly from Guardian.

What’s more, Guardian continues to work for you even when it’s not on your screen. Set it up according to your preferences, then switch to the main Bet Angel trading interface. Guardian’s Automation, Excel integration, and watch lists keep functioning in the background.

With Bet Angel’s Guardian tool, elevate your trading experience to unprecedented heights!