Europa success for Liverpool?

10/03/2011 | By More

I must admit to being sceptical when ‘King Kenny’ was appointed as Liverpool manager. I felt that after many years out it would be difficult to adjust to the modern game. However, Dalgleish has had a mercurial affect on Liverpool’s confidence and at the top level of a sport that is critical. People perform with similar skill at the highest levels and confidence is a BIG factor.

Last Sunday’s defeat of Man Utd will have given them a real boost and that doesn’t seem to be priced into this evenings match against Braga or the overall winner of the Europe league. I feel Liverpool are back in that state of mind where you can’t write them off, or discount anything. It Kuyt a new rush type character? On flip side I don’t know Braga well enough to give you confidence that I can balance out Liverpool’s new found optimism against Braga’s metrics. It’s also important to note that it looks like Gerrard is out this evening.

I’ll watch the match though to have another look if Liverpool are really contenders for the trophy. The match is priced for a 1-1 draw with a slight advantage to Liverpool.

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