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Advanced Chart Editor

The Advanced Chart Editor will able you to configure and build your own customized Advanced Charts, when you first open the chart editor the left Window will contain several ready-made advanced charts, you could choose to edit one of these or create your own from scratch.


Create a New Chart
To create a new chart from scratch click the plus icon   at the top of the 'Saved Settings' window.
Editing an Existing Chart
To edit an existing chart setting, click on the name of the chart displayed in the left window that you wish to modify. When you click on any one of these the main editing area fills with the settings you have assigned to that particular chart. To modify any of those settings simply click on the tick box next to the item you are interested in showing or wish to unselect.
For more details on creating and editing existing charts on please see the next page.
It is also possible to import/export advanced charts using the two buttons in the lower left corner, this is handy if you have Bet Angel installed on more than one computer and want to transfer advanced charts between them or share them with friends.
Advanced Chart Templates
There are also more ready-made Advanced Charts you can download and Import from the dedicated section on the Bet Angel Forum
There are hundreds of possible combinations you can chose from based on the data you wish to show and how you wish to see it displayed. If you want to create variations of each chart with slightly different data, simply create the variation you wish to see, rename it and save it to your list.

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