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Bet Angel Advanced Charting

The Advanced Charting in Bet Angel allows you to graphically represent price movements, volume, Weight of Money etc in a resizable window or embedded on your ladder screen using a number of customizable user defined settings in the Advanced Chart Settings Editor.
It is also possible to plot your own bespoke Advanced Charts from data held in Stored Value History Lists.
This allows you to accurately assess activity in the market and take advantage of any movements that occur using your own unique charts.
Using Guardian to store charting data
As soon as you add a market to Guardian and it begins to be refreshed/updated it will store market pricing data and plot advanced charts. This is very useful when you arrive at a later time as you could have up to several hours of Advanced Charts plotted, which you can scroll back through if you wish - the earlier you add the markets the more chart data you'll have when you open it.
If a market isn't in Guardian and not being refreshed, Bet Angel can only begin to plot the chart from the moment you switch to it on a main trading screen and it begins being refreshed/updated. ie, you'll have not advanced chart history