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Basic Automation Settings

In this tab we can set out the various rules for basic automatic betting.
For example, we can specify a price window to trigger back or lay bets when using the ‘Automation’ tab in the main application.
We can also set the dutching and bookmaking features to trigger when our profit conditions are met. For example, when dutching an entire field we would like the total book to be less than 100%. If we trigger at 99% then we will make 1% profit on the total stake used.
In the example above we have specified the BACK rule to be as follows:
If the current price of the selection is equal to or higher than 2.0 but no higher than 2.5 then place a bet at 1.01.
This bet will only trigger when we tick the appropriate boxes in the automation tab.
We choose a lower price as the market may move quickly and choosing 1.01 almost guarantees that we will get matched as Betfair ALWAYS match at the best available price. If you set the ‘Place at’ figure close to your trigger amount you run a risk of the bet remaining unmatched.
Guardian Automation
You can specify the way Guardian automation rules define the order of favouritism, by choosing either  'Back Price', 'Lay Price', 'Last Traded Price', 'Starting Price' (SP) or Volume (Desc).
Retain Matched Bets Information at Market Settlement when ticked will store your matched bets, P/L  and logs etc of markets still in Guardian even after Betfair have closed and settled the market.