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Chart Settings

Automatically change popup charts to display current market
With this option ticked, new popup charts will be displayed with their synchronisation set to 'Market'.  When un-ticked, new popup charts will be marked as not synchronised. See the charting section later in the manual.
Standard Chart Settings
Lets you configure how your standard charts look and what they display. (This is an older feature of Bet Angel and has been super seeded by the Advanced Charts)
Advanced Chart Settings
There is a dedicated section to the chart settings later in the manual. This explains in great detail how to change the advanced charts and adjust the colours, intervals to your own preferences.
Market Overview Colour Preferences
Let's you configure how you want your 'Market Overview' screen to look
Management of Chart Price Histories
Here you can control the usage of disk paging. The setting defaults to 'Full' which will page all types of chart histories to the disk to conserve as much memory as possible.