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The charting tab offers you the options to auto-choose the selections you want to be displayed on the overview chart, this can be configured 'By Price' or 'By Quantity', for example only show runners priced between 2.50 and 20.0, or only show the first ten selections.
Manual selection - this is the default option and will show all selections, you can the un-tick those you do not wish to have displayed on the chart, in the image below the 1st and 2nd favourite as well as some outsiders have all been un-ticked leaving only the four selections still ticked being displayed in the chart window.
By Price - allows you to set the minimum and maximum prices of the selections you wish to have displayed on the chart, so if you like trading selections within certain prices ranges this can be used to filter out those that are of no interest to you.
In the image below only selections with a price of between 1.01 and 12.0 are being displayed on the chart.
If a selection's price is currently outside your minimum/maximum prices it will still appear on the chart if it moves within your price range, likewise if a selection is currently within the prices set but moves outside of them it will be removed from on the chart until it returns back into your price range.
By Quantity - lets you specify the number of selections you wish to automatically be displayed on the chart, for example if you have five ladders displayed on your main trading screen you might only want the overview chart to automatically show the first five selections in a market.
Sort Order Used when Choosing by Quantity - When choosing a quantity of selections to display this option let's you specify whether you want to use the Betfair Order, Ascending Back Prices or Ascending Lay Prices
ie, display the selections in the first five Betfair rows or the first five favourites in order of lowest back price
Colour Allocation When Switching Markets - Used in conjunction with the option above you could specify each colour is always assigned to a selection by order of favouritism, ie, the fav always appears in red.
The default colour allocation is in order of the Betfair rows on the grid (which you can edit to whatever colours you want) so the selection in row 1 is red, the selection in row 2 is green and so on as shown in the next image.
In UK horse racing markets this normally translates into the order of favouritism so Red would also be the Fav, Green the 2nd Fav Blue the 3rd Fav and so on.....
However if you are trading other markets like Australian horse racing US horse racing or Greyhound racing the favourite could be in any Betfair row number, so using this 'Colour Allocation when Switching Markets' option let's you assign the order of favouritism to always use the same colours.
For example; if you wanted to display the 1st-3rd fav on the chart but always have the fav displayed in red, 2nd fav in green and 3rd fav in blue you would use the following charting settings
In the next market even though the fav is in Betfair row 3, the second fav in row 1 and 3rd fav in row 5 these have still been allocated the colours red, green and blue respectfully on the market overview chart.
Once you have configured any overview charting settings they can be saved as part of your main settings profile.