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Using Settings Profiles

Bet Angel allows you to store settings under profile names so you may load them up at any time. This allows you to easily configure Bet Angel for use with different trading styles to suit different markets or to experiment with new settings without harming your existing ones.
Saving your settings
Once you are satisfied with the changes made within the settings editor, you should save them. Click on the 'Save' or ‘Save As’ button to do this and give the profile a name.
Loading a settings profile
There are two ways to load the settings by name:
Either select the Settings from the pick list in the Profile section of the Bet Angel Log In screen when you first start Bet Angel.
Or when Bet Angel is running you can switch between settings profiles by selecting the name from the pick list in the header area of the main trading screen (to the right of the Spanner icon).
The screen layout settings can also be saved to a profile and different profiles can be selected by choosing from the drop down box next to the monitor symbol.

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