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From this area you are able to adjust the font sizes and column widths as well as the gap between the columns, there background colours and which of the columns you want to show or hide on your ladder screen.
Last Traded Price Column
This will enable Last Traded price chart commonly referred to as Matchstick Charts
Estimated Position in Queue Column
When this is enabled it will display your Estimated Position in Queue (EPIQ) when you offer a bet to the market, as money starts to get matched and your order moves towards the front of the queue this figure will begin to decrease.
In the image below you can see a £50 back bet has been offered to the market at 3.45 the EPIQ column is showing there is £118 ahead of our bet waiting to be matched.
If you place multiple bets at the same price, it will show the amount of money estimated to be before the first bet, once it is fully filled, it'll show the estimated amount in front of the next bet etc.
Please Note; While we have done everything possible to try and ensure the EPIQ is as accurate as possible please be aware this is only an estimate, factors out of our control such as virtual bets from Betfair cross-matching algorithms and other bets being cancelled in the queue can effect your true overall position in queue.