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Next a condition needs to be added to the rule, so that Bet Angel knows when to trigger the bet. You can add many conditions to a rule, each one MUST be satisfied (i.e. test as TRUE) for the rule to trigger. A full reference can be found here.
For our scenario, we want the rule to look at the price of the favourite and only trigger if the price is 1.3 or less. 
So the 'Condition Type' is set to 'Fixed Odds Condition' and it is set to apply it to the Current Selection as defined on General page.  Remember that was set to be the favourite of the race at the moment of trigger. See here.
The rest of the parameters define that we wish to look at the selection's 'Back Price' and to check that it is 'less than' the price of '1.31'.
Basically we are saying to Bet Angel, "please monitor the in running prices and if the back price of the runner in Position 1 trades below 1.31, trigger our rule and place the back bet".
The rule is complete, so now it's time to save it.