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Creating an automation rule

For our scenario, our rules file just need a single rule.
The rule must be given a name so I have chosen 'Back at 1.3 in running.' Because we are backing I have defined the 'Rule type' as 'Place Back Bet'
We must now tell Bet Angel when to arm and disarm the trigger. This is an in-play bet so we select 'relative to in-play time'. You will see from the screenshot below that the trigger is set to arm at 00:00:10 and the disarm at 00:08:00. We wait for the ten seconds in-play before arming to allow the prices to settle after the off and the 8 minute duration should cover all but the longest of races. You can amend these times as you see fit. You will also see the rule is set to trigger once only as backing two horses at these low prices guarantees a loss.
The option 'Applies to selection' has been set to 'in Position 1 (sorted in order of favouritism)' - Bet Angel will constantly sort the selections based on their price so the lowest priced horse will be in position 1 and that is the horse we want to place the back bet on.
NB, The width of the columns in the top window of the editor can be resized by pointing your mouse cursor between the columns until your cursor icon changes, then with your left mouse button held in you can drag the columns to your desired width.