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Configuration Options

There are a few options available to you and they affect how the interface displays the information and how you place bets.
These buttons allow you to choose whether or not to display the current back or lay price, the last traded price and the traded range. Click each button to toggle the option on or off. The traded range graphically displays the range of prices where bets have been matched on  this selection.
The next menu to the right of these are the scaling options
You can choose to display a scale from 1.01 to 1000 (Tick Scale) or the implied probability (Win % Scale), where odds of 2.0 (50% implied probability of winning) are plotted at the midpoint of the scale.  This scale is weighted towards the display of shorter priced runners. The tick scale price increments are evenly distributed across the width of the chart.  4.5 is the midpoint price of the Tick Scale.
The bottom two options allow the x-axis to be reversed so the finishing line appears on the right side of the window
                                                                                                            Normal                                                                                                                                                                                     Reverse x-axis
Next you can select how to sort the way runners are displayed, 'No Sorting' means they will be displayed in their default Betfair order
The next option lets you configure the row spacing, this can be customised to suit your layout preferences. If you wish to display many runners in a small area you can compress the row height to 22 pixels; if you wish to spread out the runners, to provide a larger clickable betting area for each runner you can increase the row height to a maximum of 50 pixels. If you plan to align the In-play Trader alongside the One-click screen, use a row height of 36 pixels to match the One-click's row spacing
In the upper left corner you'll see the 'Settings' tab, from here you'll be able to apply a saved profile or create a new profile (which are explained further on this page), also set the row spacing between the selections in the In-play Trader
The final option here let's you choose whether to display the last traded price, the implied probability (Win % label) of each runner or use no labels, for example, if the current price is 7.6 it will be shown like this:
Or you can choose to show the implied probability of winning (1 divided by 7.6)

Race Meter

A race meter can also be displayed across the top of your In-Play Trader window in the form of a progress bar (moving in either direction) to give you a visual indication of how much of the race is remaining in percentage terms, the race meter can use either real-time GPS data or estimate the progress using Bet Angel historical timings or your own standard times.
The race meter can be enabled/disabled and configured to your liking from the Race Meter tab in your main settings area.