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Race Meter

The Race Meter is a progress bar that displays the progress of a race in percentage terms across your screen, it can be displayed on the Ladder, One-Click / Manual Bets screens as well as the In-Play Trader window
Using this settings tab you can choose to display or hide the race meter, and configure it to your own liking, the options allow you to select what information is used by the Race Meter to derive the progress including your own times (see further down for more details on this).
From this window you can also set which direction the progress bar moves across each of your screens i.e. left to right or right to left.
You can also configure the colour formatting used by the bar.
Race Meter Information
The race meter can calculate the progress using any of the three methods displayed below
The second option on the list allows you to import and use your own race times via a rules file and Stored Values, for example you could have your own list of course/distance times that you want to use, these can be imported into Bet Angel via a rules file then passed to the race meter using a Stored Value