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In-Play Profile Editor

Using the In-Play Profile Editor you can create and save your own customized profiles to make the in-play trader screen personal to you and/or your strategy, customized profiles can include 'Markers' to highlight key points on the in-play trader screen for example recent high/low traded prices for each runner, their SP, or key price points for example 2.0, 4.0 etc.
Markers can also be used to visualise stored values passed from an automation or servant rules file giving you the ability to display your own bespoke indicators or values derived from real-time GPS telemetry like current speed, distance to leader, position etc straight from a runner's saddle via Total Performance Data (TPD).
To begin creating an In-Play profile click on 'Settings' then 'Create a Profile'
The following pages will then explain how to configure your Markers and settings, but before that have a look below at some of the examples showing just a few things that can be done with the In-Play Profile Editor


In this screenshot each runners position and there distance to the leader and each other is shown by the location of their silks, while bars using a colour gradient from green to red displays their current speed
In the next screenshot markers have been used to highlight each runner's in-play high/low traded prices during the previous rolling 30second period
In this final image the jockey silks have been used to display each runner's current lay price, vertical markers have then been added to highlight where the fixed prices of 2.0 and 6.0 are along the x-axis. Finally two horizontal bars have been used for each runner (which are also positioned at the lay price) to sit above and below the silks, these bars are only displayed around the silks of the current 2nd-4th fastest runners and use there own colour settings to highlight if their speed is within 1mph of the fastest runner.
If you'd like to use any of the profiles above they and many more can be downloaded from the 'In-Play Trader' customization area on the Bet Angel Forum