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Connecting Bet Angel to your spreadsheet

When you have located the spreadsheet you wish to use click the ‘Open workbook’ button on the Excel. This will open up Microsoft Excel and the Bet Angel spreadsheet. ‘Bet Angel’ templates are denoted by the name ‘Bet Angel’.
Once the spreadsheet is open it will display a blank template. In order to use this spreadsheet you need to connect Bet Angel to the spreadsheet. By default the origin cell is set at A1. This means that Bet Angel will start populating data to the spreadsheet from spreadsheet cell A1. You can change this going forward but the basic template we supply has been constructed so that data will populate from cell A1. To connect data to the spreadsheet simply click the ‘connect’ button on the Bet Angel Excel tab. You should see the ‘Connect’ button grey out and the ‘Disconnect’ button become active. If you wish to work on the spreadsheet at any time without it update, simply use the ‘Disconnect’ option.
Once connected Bet Angel will start populating your spreadsheet with data from the market you have selected from within the main Bet Angel software. You are now ready to start experimenting and using the Excel interface to Bet Angel. This interface is powerful not just because it lets you read and place bets through Excel but more because it can also trigger Bet Angel automated order functions as well.
Unable to open workbook or connect to workbook
If you have been unable to connect to the spreadsheet try the following: