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Excel settings & additional data

The Excel settings tab contains two areas.
Regional settings in Excel
The first is the regional settings. If you use a non-English version of Excel you will need to select the regional variation here. Setting this correctly will prevent the error message - 'Description: Old Format or Invalid Type Library' that can appear if there is a language conflict within Excel.
Adding additional data columns in Excel
You can also choose to send additional data to the Excel spreadsheet when it is connected to a market. Note that sending this data will have a performance overhead so keep these to a minimum. These will be added to columns AF through AL. Note that they will be displayed in the order below in sequence. For example if you select jockey name and projected SP these will populate columns AF & AG. If you select only stall number and reduction factor these will be displayed in AF & AG also. If you select all four of these they will be displayed in order from columns AF though AI.
There are many additional columns to choose from:
*This option allows you to display and reference Shared Stored Values that have been set using Guardians Advanced Automation or a Servant on your excel worksheet, when this option is selected a box will appear on the right as shown in the image above, from there you will be able to select the name(s) of the Stored Values you want to have shown.
In the image below the ‘High Traded Price' would be displayed in cell AF, Low Traded Price' displayed in cell AG, the Stored Value named 'Off-Volume' in cell ‘AH’ and the Stored Value named ‘IP_Volume_Increase' in cell AI.
Allow scan of markets outside Restricted Refresh times for Betting Command
This defaults to 'ignore' as that's the most optimised way of interacting with Excel, however if the market time is outside of the Restricted Refresh time window and you do want to place any bets this option can be ticked and enabled to allow the scanning of these markets.
Play Sound Alert When Placing a Bet
Enabling this will play the 'Bet Placement' sound file you have selected on the Sound Alerts tab whenever a bet is placed using excel.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be very careful if you switch between MS Excel versions especially if you move backwards from 2013 to 2010 or 2007 or 2010 to 2007. The registry keys are different and it can cause failure as Bet Angel will look for the newer version based on the registry keys. This is a Microsoft issue and is very complex to fix.

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