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Using the ‘Bet Angel’ spreadsheet

When you have connected your chosen market via Bet Angel to the spreadsheet you will see all the market data appear on that spreadsheet. You will see a display that is familiar to the display you would expect to see on Betfair accept that this display has been framed into cells on the spreadsheet.
It is important to note that the spreadsheet is effectively split into three areas: -
Data Fields
The multi coloured area are the ‘data fields’. These represent the area on the spreadsheet where data is transferred from Betfair via Bet Angel to your spreadsheet. The data fields contain information such as the selections in your chosen market the current odds, money available at those odds, your P&L, market name and amount matched.
Reporting fields
Reporting fields represent the area where Bet Angel reports what is actually happening in the market with bets that where triggered from your spreadsheet. Items such as the price your trade was matched at, the amount matched and the resultant reference number and time of execution.
Unmatched and matched bet data
Columns T through AE on the Bet Angel worksheet contain unmatched bet data. By monitoring the data in these cells extra bet management possibilities exist when using automation. Average odds, stake and the number of unmatched bets per market selection data are fed through to this section. Note due to the complexity of unmatched bet data, it is not possible to list each unmatched bet individually.
Additional data
Columns AF through AL on the Bet Angel worksheet can be configured via the settings editor to display additional data relating to horse racing markets.
Column A is hidden and contains Betfair system data such as the market ID and other information.
See video tutorial below for understanding and using the Bet Angel spreadsheet template