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Copying Rules Between Files

As you begin to build up your collection of Automation files you may find you have some rules which you favour which have become tried and tested and served you well. Or you may have downloaded one or more of the example automation files from the shared files section on our forum and want to take some of the rules (and it's parameters and conditions) from one file and add them to another.
Rather than manually retyping them you can save a lot of time and possible mistakes by using the rule copy feature within the rules editor.
Start by clicking on 'Edit Rules File' on the main Guardian banner then select the automation file you wish to add the copied rules to and click the top right icon shown in the image below.
A second window will then open for you to select the source file containing the rule/s you want to copy, once you have highlighted the rule types you want use one of the bottom buttons to copy into to your destination file.