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Using Stored Values

Stored Values work in a similar way to the ‘Signals’ explained on the previous page and are very much an expansion to this existing feature, although they can also be used on their own and totally independent should you wish. However, when combined the possibilities and flexibility they bring when creating automation rules and servants are endless.
Just like when using ‘Signals’ you would first give each ‘Stored Value’ a unique name of your choice, but then rather than you specifying your own value or automatically having its value incremented or decremented etc upon each trigger ‘Stored Values’ lets you record things like the back, lay, last traded prices or volume etc of a selection, which can then be used as a condition/s for other rules to test.
For example you may want to continually store the current back price of the favourite every second, then if it suddenly trades more than 10 ticks above or below the previous Stored Value have another rule trigger a bet or trade into the market.
Also just like signals you can set a 'Stored Value' when an existing rule triggers (ie, when you Place a back or lay bet, cancel unmatched bets, or Green all selections etc).
Or you can create a rule specifically to store a value at a specific time by using the 'Set / Modify Stored Value Only' rule type which you can then add conditions too if you wish (ie, store value of the fav's back price 30secs after going in-play if its traded volume is greater then £X)
Sharing Stored Values
Stored Values are unique in that they can also be ‘Shared’ with other automation files and servants, Ie, a servant could store a value of something pre-race then later a rule within a guardian automation file could check for that stored value as part of an in-running strategy and trigger bets accordingly. From a programming point of view, this is a ‘Global’ variable, but as such needs to be used with a bit of care, consider what is responsible for initialising the Shared value – you might want a dedicated Servant to initialise/reset a value that will be used by multiple Servants thereafter.
Shared stored values can also be displayed on your one-click screen as information in a custom column, so you could create a rule to continually store the current back price of each selection every minute in the run up to the off and have each displayed on your one-click screen in a custom column, giving you a brief historical overview of how the price of a selection is moving as the off approaches.
Another unique and key advantage of using ‘Stored Values’ is for the first time you can now trigger rules in one market of an event based on something that has happened in another market of that event. Ie, you could trigger a bet/trade on the Correct score market of a football match using a stored value from the match odds market, or you might want to trigger a bet/trade on the place market of a horse race from something that has happened in the win market. This will allow you to produce not just interconnected rules but also complex strategies interconnected across markets but in a user friendly way that was previously only possible to those with VBA programming skills able to using Excel.
Our forum contains many worked examples of ways you can use Stored Values as well as some ready-made automation files and servants which can can be downloaded from the following links.