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Countdown timer

The countdown timer displays the amount of time until the advertised start time of an event. As it counts you down to the event start time, the display changes as displayed below. This allows you to exit all open positions before the event starts and turns either to ‘in-play’ or ‘suspended’ status.
The countdown timer is always present on Bet Angel Professional. It is located at the bottom right of the screen. To expand and bring up the countdown timer to the full screen, just click on the countdown timer. When you do this a box will appear which you can re-position on the screen at your chosen position. You can use the pin function on this box to ‘pin’ the countdown timer to the top of your current screen.
Countdown status
Less than 1 min
Less than 30 secs.
Just gone in-play
In-play time
In its normal mode the countdown timer shows the time remain to the start of this event. Pro Tip: The timer is based on your computer's system clock so always check this is set correctly. Most Operating Systems will allow automatic time updates but always check this option is set.
When the event is less than one minute away the countdown timer changes to red to warn you that the event is about to start. When you enter the last thirty seconds the timer will flash to alert you that you have little time left and should exit all positions. When the event goes ‘in-play’ the timer will indicate this and when the market is re-opened it will start counting up to show you how much time has elapsed since the market turned in-play and was unsuspended.
Events can start without warning or before the time that they are schedule to start. The countdown timer is only an indicator of the expected start time. Do not rely upon it as your only indicator. You should also take steps to ensure the time you are seeing relates to that which you expect. For continuity Bet Angel takes its time from the Betfair API but the timer also relies upon your computer system clock. Make sure that you synchronise this clock regularly to ensure the timer works correctly.