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Bet Confirmation

When you first try to place a bet you may see this box:
Check the details of the bet are as you expect and then click 'Yes' to place the bet.

Turning Off the Bet Confirmation Box

Once you are confident with the use of the Bet Angel trading screens, you can turn the confirmation message off so that your bets go straight to the market.  This is done via the Bet Angel Settings window.  Click the spanner Icon in the Bet Angel toolbar to go straight to the Settings Editor.  The bet confirmation checkbox is located in the Behaviour tab and both are highlighted in the image below, when you are ready, turn this feature off.

Maximum Liability

When you first install Bet Angel your maximum liability for any one bet is set at £1000. This is a safety feature to prevent you accidentally risking losing more than this when you place a bet. Bet Angel will ask you to confirm your bet if it has a greater liability than the setting in the Bet Angel Settings window.
If you are happy with the liability click on 'Yes'
It is important that as you progress with using Bet Angel you update the maximum liability to a level that will not only allow the level of stakes you wish to use but is set at a level you are comfortable with.
Note there is also a maximum liability setting within your Betfair account also. This setting is not affected by Bet Angel.