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Using Screen Layout Profiles

With all the tools and features available in Bet Angel, there is a huge combination of ways you can arrange the screens. For one type of trading you may wish to focus on the one-click screen with the watch list and the market overview tools to the side. For another trade you may wish to undock the ladder and surround it with charts. You may change between using one display on your PC to using multiple displays. It can take time getting your set-up just right, but Bet Angel has a great time saving feature. You can save your favourite screen layouts to individually named profiles. You can then quickly switch between them using the Bet Angel toolbar (or log-in straight into your favourite Bet Angel layout).
Tip: This feature is also very useful if you trade from a laptop and sometimes switch between using just the laptop's display to using multiple high resolution displays.  Just create a layout profile for each setup and switch between them whenever you wish.
Saving your screen layout
Once all the tools & windows are set out just how you want them, go to the 'View' menu at the top of Bet Angel and click ‘Save Screen Layout’ to update the current screen layout or click ‘Save Screen Layout As…’ if you want to save it under a new profile name.
Loading your screen layout
To load a saved screen layout you can choose its name from the pick list found under the View menu (against 'Load Screen Layout') or from the pick list in the Bet Angel toolbar (next to the PC Monitor icon).
Import your screen layout
To import a saved screen layout click 'Import Screen Layout' and navigate to the folder you have it saved in
Export your screen layout
To export a saved screen layout choose its name from the pick list next to 'Load screen layout' and click 'Export Saved Screen Layout'
You can also select the Screen Layout from the pick list in the Profile section of the Bet Angel Log In screen when you first start Bet Angel.
To see an example of how a saved screen layout can look see this thread in our forum

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