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Dynamic Connection Tuner

The dynamic connection tuner is a unique Bet Angel tool which further enhances your ability to get the best possible performance from Bet Angel, your internet connection and Betfair. You will find the dynamic connection tuner in the settings area.
There is no right or wrong usage of the connection tuner, each machine and Internet connection will exhibit different and unique characteristics. Your objective should be to adjust the refresh rate in Bet Angel to a reasonable level and pull the connection tuner to the lowest number possible.
If the connection tuner is too low in comparison to your refresh rate you will see that Bet Angel is unable to refresh and the responsiveness indicator will stall or freeze. This is an indication that your setting is too low. If this happens move your refresh rate up or the tuner down. If your setting is too high you will not notice or see any characteristics that will indicate this as Bet Angel will continue normal operation and the tuner will have no effect on the operation.