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Supplementary data refresh rates

These settings can be found on the Communications page of the Bet Angel Settings Window
By default Bet Angel will 'Poll' Betfair for the latest market data. When 'Polling' is used Bet Angel will call the exchange for you on every refresh to retrieve the latest market information this refresh can be done as fast as every 200ms.
When 'Use Exchange Streaming' is enabled the information is pushed through to Bet Angel each time it changes, you can then request an update of this as fast as every 20ms making streaming much faster than using the traditional 'Polling' method.
If your trading or even just monitoring multiple markets using Coupons or Watch Lists you can ensure they are displaying the most up to date information by setting a fast refresh rate for 'Background market prices'.
If you are using 'Polling', Bet Angel allows you to control which items of data are refreshed from Betfair at time intervals of your choosing. For example if you feel that getting rapid updates of the Profit and Loss information is important to you then you can instruct Bet Angel to retrieve this information more frequently. The default settings are likely to be suitable for normal usage, but you've got the flexibility to modify them as required.
Connection Smoothing
There are four settings to choose from here from ‘Off’ to ‘Full’. This is designed to make the flow of information appear to be consistent on your screen. If you have an internet connection that is slow or if you are a long way from Betfair for example, then this setting can be useful in providing a more stable appearance.

Note: 'Betfair Data Request Limits' - removed from Bet Angel

Betfair used to charge based on the number of calls made to their API, but with the advent of API-NG this limitation has been removed.  Full information about Betfair's charges can be found here Betfair Charges