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Email Verification

Bet Angel is fully ICO registered and requires you to associate a verified e-mail address with your Betfair Client ID.
When you first register a serial number or for a free trial you will be prompted at login to nominate an e-mail address (see image below) when you click the 'Verify Email' button a verification code will be sent by us to that e-mail address. Once verified, Bet Angel won’t need to go through the process again for that account and will have the advantage of being able to find new serial numbers purchased with that e-mail address. i.e. As you approach expiry and buy a new serial number, Bet Angel will be able to find the serial and offer auto-activation on the next login without requiring the serial number to be entered by hand.
At this point you will need to check your email for the 6 digit verification code, once you have that you can enter it in the next window and click the 'Submit Code' button
You may need to check your spam/junk/other mail folders if you can not see the code in your Inbox, if you have any problems during this or any other part of the registration process please contact support