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Below are two example rules set out step by step for you to follow
Backing the first selection to touch a price of 1.3 in-play.
This method looks to trade a steady market by backing and laying prices at the correct level to ensure a profit. The general strategy is to back at the current lay price by queuing an order and then laying at the back price to lock in a profit. The best markets are higher grade handicap horse racing in the UK or a Football markets before the kick off.
Tip: Do not perform this on a UK Horse Race where the favourite is short in price, the volatility in the market is unlikely to be suitable in all but Championship races, i.e. Cheltenham Gold Cup, The Derby, etc. In football markets scalping is most often applied to The Draw selection.
Our forum has over 60 more ready made 'Example' automation files covering all major sports which users can download and begin using immediately although we do advise that you use them as a starting point to draw some ideas from and build into your own strategy. These are also a great way to see how the various options and settings of Advanced Automation can be used.
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