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Fill or Kill

Fill or Kill is used if you want to instruct Bet Angel to automatically Kill (cancel) an order or remaining part of an order that has not been Filled (matched) within the time frame you have specified hence the name Fill or Kill.
If your using Offsetting you would also enable the 'Fill or Kill' option if you only wanted the offset part of your bet to be placed after your opening bet has been filled or begun to be filled.
In the image below Fill or Kill has been enabled so each time a bet is now placed any part of it that is not Filled (matched) within 3 minutes is Killed (cancelled) by Bet Angel.
The time you would use is totally dependant on the type of market your trading and the type of trade your doing, there is no single time that is appropriate to all markets so feel free to experiment as you gain experience and find what work best for you and the market and style your trading.
For example; if your scalping an average pre-off UK horse racing market you might want to set this for a few seconds, whereas if it was a higher quality meeting like Ascot or Cheltenham you would probably want to increase this time up to a few minutes. Alternatively if you were trading on the in-running horse racing markets you might want to use a very fast fill or kill time like a second or even half a second if your throwing multiple speculative orders into the market hoping to catch a nice bounce.
NB; We would recommend always using a minimum of 0.5 seconds as a Fill or Kill time
When using Fill or Kill you will also be asked to specify a number of Batches, for further details on what Batches are please see the section of the user guide titled 'Offset Batches'
Fill or Kill with Advanced Automation
If your using Advanced Automation to trigger your bets into the market and wish to use the Fill or Kill as part of any of your rules it can be selected from the 'Parameters' tab of the rules editor within Guardian.