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Bet Angel – Global Settings

Automated order management
One of Bet Angel's most useful trading tools is the ‘global settings’ bar at the top of the interface. This controls how Bet Angel manages each bet and whether or not the trade is closed with or without profit. From here you can set Bet Angel to close a position even if the price is heading off in the wrong direction by applying a stop loss.
Choose from the picklist in the top left of the screen to select your desired automated trade. This may be simple offsetting to offsetting with greening and a stop.
Global settings can apply to all screens in the main Bet Angel trading window. e.g. one-click, ladder, manual betting etc. In some of these of these areas global settings will apply automatically, in other areas you will need to specify that you wish to use the global settings. Look for the ‘cog’ symbol on the one click and other screens.
This means Global Settings will be active and applied to orders
This means Global Settings will not be active and not applied to orders
Pro Tip: It is advisable to check if Global Settings setting is active on each screen you use i.e. One click, Ladder etc.
IMPORTANT : If you use global settings (e.g. Offset bet and Stop) then you should add the market to Guardian if you intend to switch to another market.  Guardian will manage the market in the background while you view another market.  Failure to do so will result in the global settings being ignored.