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Offset Batches

Offset Batches is only used when the Fill or Kill option is enabled to 'Offset' your bet as it begins to get filled.
Rather than waiting for your whole stake to be filled before the offset is placed you can instruct Bet Angel to start offsetting your order as it begins to be filled by using and offsetting in batches. This is useful when using larger stakes and don't want to wait for your whole order to be filled before its offset and risk the price moving away from you.
So for example if you were using a £500 stake and specified '10' as the number of offset Batches this would mean as every £50 of your opening bet is matched £50 is then offset for you, if you used the same £500 stake but with '4' as the number offset Batches then as each £125 is matched this amount is then offset for you.

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