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Filter Sets

When creating filters the editor also allows you to define one or more 'Filter Sets', this lets you to display more than one type of market from one or more events with different filter parameters for different markets.
For example, you could create a filter to find Match odds and Over/Under 2.5 markets but want to filter each by different traded volumes.
With your first 'filter set' you can configure it to filter for match odds markets with a traded volume greater than £10,000
Then with your second 'filter set' you can configure that to filter for Over/Under 2.5 markets but with a traded volume greater than £5,000
When using multiple filter sets, the markets displayed will be the aggregated results from both. In the image below it is showing the markets found using the above filter configuration, notice how for some fixtures it has found only match odds markets, whereas others its found only Over/Under 2.5 markets and for a few fixtures both market types were found as they satisfied their individual volume conditions.
Once a filter including any additional filter sets has been created the default is to display the markets found in the form of Betfair’s standard market tree.  However, as you can see from the image above, the markets can be displayed very differently from the look of the standard tree. This is because the filter editor also allows you to configure your own tree design by using the ‘Display’ tab.