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Filter Display

The display options of the editor will give you full control over how you have your filtered markets displayed to you. The default is to display them using Betfair’s full market tree view, but here you can create your own tree design if you wish by selecting the 'Custom Tree Design' at the top of the window
To begin with you have three levels of grouping you can use, its up to you if and how many levels of grouping you want to use, when you select a 'Group level' you will be given the options to then 'Auto Expand', use 'Bold Text' and 'Set Background Colour'
Next you have the choice of the order the markets are displayed in, these consist of a primary, secondary and tertiary, like the grouping options its up to you how many (if any) you chose to use to sort your markets by.  Note: The secondary choice will only need to be used when two or more markets have the same value for their primary choice.  Likewise the tertiary choice only needs to apply when markets have the same value for both primary and secondary criteria.
Then finally you have the ability to supplement the market name with various prefix/suffix options.
In the image below on the left I've configured the display to 'Group by Event Grouping' sorted by Earliest start time. I've then enabled auto expand and bold text.
I've then chosen to sort markets by start time as my primary choice with a secondary sort using market name.
Finally I've added Event & Time as market name prefixes
The effects of this can be seen in the image below right
There are literally 100s of ways you could have the markets displayed depending on your own personal preference and requirements, the best way to learn and see the effect of each of the options is to experiment with them and switch onto the ‘Preview’ tab where you will be able to see how they will look.
Once your happy with the display and how your filter is configured click the icon to save the filter, it will now appear in your Filter pick list ready to be used on both the 'Select' and 'Search' tab both here and in Guardian's Market Selection area.
Hiding Unneeded Filters
In the top right corner of this display window is an option to ‘Hide this market filter’, that will allow you to keep your Filter pick list neat and tidy. i.e, you may want to hide some or all of the preset examples that you don't require, or hide some of your own filters which are currently out of season.
Import/Export a Filter
Lastly market filters can also be imported and exported into Bet Angel by clicking on 'Filters' tab in the top left corner of the 'Market Filter Editor' window. If you have Bet Angel installed on more than one computer you can use this to quickly and easily transfer filters from one to the other.
We also have a dedicated section on our forum where you can download market filters which other Bet Angel users have created and uploaded to share with other, or perhaps you'd like to share your filter for others to download and use.
NB; Most of the market information used for filtration is included in the standard market data downloaded from Betfair, but certain tests such as volume and in-play status will need to be requested on demand. If you use any of those as part of your filters you'll need to allow a few extra seconds for the filter to process.