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Live scores on Tennis trader

Where available, Bet Angel can provide live score feeds straight into Tennis Trader, through the watch lists and via Excel.
Live scores in Tennis trader
Tennis trader will automatically pick up if live scores are available and display those for you within the Tennis Trader tool.
Tip: On the rare occasion that the first server has been tagged incorrectly at the courtside and is affecting the live scores feed, you can tick the 'Reverse Server in feed' option in Tennis Trader for that match.
Live scores in the Excel spreadsheet function
In Excel you can add the Tennis scores to your spreadsheets using the 'additional data' area in the settings tool.
Live scores in the watch lists
The watch lists are a perfect for displaying multiple live scores all at once. To activate Tennis scores on the watch list go to the watch list and click on the display option in the top menu in watch list: -
From the drop down menu you will see the Tennis score options, if you two both these options your watch lists will now also display the Tennis scores, where available.
When you have selected both the 'Tennis scores' and 'Tennis scores (Previous Sets)' your watch list should now display scores and look similar to this: -