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Getting the most from Bet Angel

Bet Angel was created in an era when, before it, there was no software and no trading. We have to invent both. So we believe in more than providing just Betfair trading software, Bet Angel is much more than just a bit of software!
To aid you we have created this user guide, but also a wealth of other resources for you to explore. Check out these other areas which are packed full of additional information including trading advice and strategies.
A place where traders meet to not just discuss the software but ask for advice from other users and also talk about the markets and how to trade them.
Also included on the forum are ready made examples of Advanced automation: -
And Servants: -
Stuck, need technical support? Then please consult our knowledge base and if that can't help contact our technical team.
Learn to trade in a carefully organised and structured manner at the Bet Angel Academy. Betfair trading strategies and markets explained in a clear and structured manner.
BetAngel.tv is a dedicated web site that collates hundreds of Bet Angel specific videos and displays them in a nice to understand order to get you off to the best possible start.