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This section of the user guide will allow you to review Bet Angel's key features at a glance.
We want you to be at the cutting edge
Bet Angel differentiates itself from other Betfair trading software, by not only by being more feature rich, but by also being carefully engineered to maximise your opportunities in the markets through superlative speed, flexibility and execution. This is a process that continues on each release and every Betfair betting exchange API upgrade. We want all our users to have the best possible range of features but also the best execution of your Betfair trading strategies. That work is a continuous and ongoing aspect of your relationship with Bet Angel.
For direct evidence of this and to check for the very latest features, visit the release and version history area on our forum: -
Bet Angel contains a large number of key features designed to aid your Betfair trading strategies and address specific markets needs. Each of these features were created as a result of our and our users experience in the market, so we would encourage you to explore each of them in depth. Each one has been carefully crafted to aid a specific trading strategy or gain you an edge through optimal execution of a trading strategy.
Use all the features of Bet Angel, including the spreadsheet interface and automation without any risk to your money. All at the same time.
Set up multiple screens, views and tailor Bet Angel to your exact needs. Then switch between profiles quickly and easily with a mouse click.
Quickly and easily find all the markets you want to trade with Bet Angel's advanced search facility. Use logical commands to find very specific markets or broad selections of them.
Fully customisable quick betting and trading grid displaying odds horizontally. Fully design your own screen layout and add powerful custom columns.
Semi automate your trading by letting the global settings take care of key elements of your trade. Use the editor to create custom preset settings at a single click.
Want to act quickly on an opportunity you see? You don't need to rely on something you see, create your own
Completely customisable quick betting and trading screen displaying odds vertically. Spawn multiple ladders, easy to use and very flexible.
Speed up all your key trading functions and get your trades into the market before anybody else. Highly flexible.
Highly flexible and customisable charting tool. Create, save and view your unique view of the market with just a few mouse clicks.
Bet or trade fully automatically with this very powerful and flexible too. Works alone or in conjunction with all other elements of Bet Angel.
(11) - Servants
Bet or trade manually and get your position manually intelligently and fully automatically with this very powerful and flexible too. Works alone or in conjunction with all other elements of Bet Angel.
Want to tweak something? Use the manual bet tool to do it, or completely redesign this screen for another purpose.
(13) - Dutching
Back more than one selection for a pre-defined profit or stake and get a guaranteed return if one of your selection wins
(14) - Bookmaking
Only bookmakers win? Why not be one with this tool that can offer prices on all or part of the field
The sky is the limit when you connect Bet Angel to a spreadsheet. View, analyse, bet or trade from a spreadsheet. Contains the unique Bet Angel scripting commands and can be used together with all the other functionality in Bet Angel. Have one or multiple spreadsheets open at the same time.
Very intuitive way to trade in-play markets. Using a point and click interface watch the action as the market develops and use a single click to nip in ahead of the action.
Get a quick overview of everything that is going on in the market on one screen. Full market data and an undockable charting screen covering as many or as few selections as you wish on one scalable chart.
Unique profiling tool for football / soccer matches. Examine how the odds will move on a match before the match has started, plot graphs of future price activity so you can hunt for strategies or test the limits of what you are doing.
Unique profiling tool for Tennis. Examine how the odds will move on a match before the match has started. Examine key points surrounding points, games and sets won. See the impact a break of server could have on a match.
Very powerful, true multi-market trading tool. Use Guardian to load up a set of key markets then get Bet Angel to work on those markets, gather data or actively trade or switch to each market automatically. Contains many additional features, it's a piece of software in its own right!
Quickly and easily organise and view data from key markets you are interested in. Switch instantly to a market with one click. View your profitability on each and or all of them from this very useful feature.
Learn to trade and to use Bet Angel with the Bet Angel Academy
We realise there is a lot to take in here, so to learn how to use all these features and what sort of strategies you may want to try, please visit: -
We have hundreds of videos on specific strategies and use of all tools within Bet Angel. If you don't see what you want, then please ask and we will put a video on the roster.