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Green Up Settings

This area contains all the settings related to greening up within the software
Green Up Restriction
When using the dutching or bookmaking features of Bet Angel, you are trying to realise a profit by taking advantage of a book over-round or under-round in your favour - you are not realising a profit by closing a trade or greening up. Using it to exit a bookmaking or dutching session is inefficient and can be dangerous if you have repeatedly used the bookmaking feature in one market. For example, you may require a large amount of money to exit an individual bookmaking bet. If the market cannot stand this amount it is likely you will not exit all positions and may end up in a losing situation.
Therefore by default greening up is disabled when bets are placed via the dutching or bookmaking tabs. This means on the ladder & one-click trading screens instead of seeing any green up figures all you will see is N/A
Use Optimized Green Up Calculation for Markets with Two Selections
Bet Angel will calculate the stake and price required to green up both selections with a single bet, choosing the selection that maximises profit. This is particular beneficial in tennis and cricket markets, but can be used on any win only market with two selections. When enabled via the settings screen, Bet Angel will automatically switch to this method when it detects an appropriate market (otherwise it will continue to green up using the original method).
Prevent Trade Closure Bets Being Placed on Selections Priced >
This will block any closing bets before the order is sent to Betfair when the specified odds of a selection are greater than specified.
(Blocked bets are written as a note to the log)
This is useful when using smaller stakes and closing or greening up a trade with a bet value that is below the £2 min stake.
Bet Angel first has to place £2 @ 1000 then cancels the excess to leave the amount required and then moves that down to the odds you requested to green up at. In fast moving markets the £2 stake maybe matched @ 1000 before Bet Angel can cancel part of it which may result in any built up profits being wasted.
Green Up Rules
Its possible to close a trade or green up from a number of places in Bet Angel, this option lets you choose weather or not you want Bet Angel to cancel any unmatched Bets when closing a trade or greening up from that location.
So for example if you trade using the ladder screen and use the 'trade profit' column on the left side of the ladders to green up your positions by ticking the 'Ladder Trade Profit column' you can instruct Bet Angel to cancel any unmatched bets on that selection each time you do so.