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In-Play Trader Markers

The 'Markers' tab of the profile editor allows you to configure your markers the way you want in your in-play trader window, you can create as many or few Markers as you need.
If you were creating multiple markers you can layer them by using the icon to set their relative position to other markers, ie, you might have a vertical marker to display a key price point then have another Silk style marker to display a runners back price - but as that approaches your line marker you'll probably want the silk icon to remain on top as it passes over the vertical line rather than partly being out if view as it goes under it, therefore you'd ensure the 'Silk' marker was positioned above the 'Vertical' marker in this window.

Marker Configuration

To begin creating a marker click on the icon and that will display the 'Marker Configuration' options in the low half of the window, the first step is to then give the marker a name, this is just for your own reference and is helpful if you have created multiple markers and need to go back and edit one at a later time
For this example we'll create a simple marker that will highlight where the price point 2.0 is located on the in-play trader screen.
Once you've given the marker a name you'll need to select what style it will be from the list of options shown below
Then you can begin configuring the general position and appearance of the marker
Line Thickness* - Lets you set the thickness of the lines of the marker
Height - (Fixed or Row Spacing), 'Fixed' sets the height of the marker position - 'Row Spacing' sets the gap of the marker in the runners row
Fixed Height/Row Spacing minus - Set the number of pixels for the height or spacing of the marker
Vertical Position - Lets you set the marker from the 'Top', 'Centre' and 'Bottom' position
Offset From Top/Centre/Bottom - Lets you set an offset value to be used
*If using the 'Silk' style marker you won't see the 'Line thickness' option
For this example here I've created a vertical line marker which is two pixels wide, and set it to a fixed height of 15 pixels from the centre with no offset
The X-Axis Position - This option lets you set where your marker will appear along the X-Axis, (if you select either the Horizontal bar or line style you'll be give the option of setting two X-Axis positions - a start and end point), for all other styles only the one X-Axis position is required by choosing from any of the four options below
Entered Price - Lets you enter your own fixed price
Price Held in a Stored Value - Lets you use a price held by a stored value (you'll be given a text area to enter the name of the stored value you wish to use)
Entered Percentage - Lets you enter your own fixed percentage
Percentage Held in a Stored Value - Lets you use a percentage held by a stored value (you'll be given a text area to enter the name of the stored value you wish to use)
The Line Colour section allows you to configure your marker's colour, here you can use a Default, Fixed, Profit/Loss or Value Based Colour Setting
NB; This option will not be available when using 'Silks' as your marker style
For the X-Axis Position in the example I've used 'Entered Price' and set it to 2.0, I've also used a fixed colour for the marker and chosen a pinkish shade
The profile can now be saved by clicking the icon at the top of the window, it will then be available to select and use in your In-play trader window by clicking 'Settings' then choosing it from the 'Apply profile' menu. You can also right-click the toolbar of the In-play Trader to quickly change profiles.
In the image below you can see how the example profile created above will look, with the vertical line markers clearly showing were the price point 2.0 would appear
Pro Tip; Once you've created and saved a marker, if you select it as your In-play Trader profile then return back to this configuration page (while still having the In-play Trader window open) you can adjust each of the configuration options and the In-play Trader screen will update to reflect the changes as you make them.