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In-play Trader Profile Settings

The settings tab will allow you to override any of your current In-play Trader settings, enabling you to use bespoke settings for each individual profile you create.
All of the settings available here are the same as those which have already been explained on the 'Configuration Options' and 'Bet Placement Options' pages of this section, the only difference being the settings you select here will only be applicable when this profile is used.
For example, if you've created a profile which has markers focused around the win% for each runner and you intend to use it alongside a laying strategy, you might want to override your default in-play trader settings and use something like in the image below
As you can see the settings used will display the In-play Trader using a Win% Scale with only a Win% and Lay Price label shown, it also allows only lay bets to be placed and no matter where you click on that runner it will place the lay bet 3 ticks outside the best market price