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Ladder Trading Interface Overview

Before you start using the ladder interface you need to be aware of additional settings available in its toolbar.
Show Ladder Settings Editor
Clicking this button will display the Ladder page of the Bet Angel Settings window
Use Global Settings
A red ‘X’ through the blue cog indicates that the global settings are not being applied, this is the default for the ladder screen. Global settings can be used from the ladder if required, to make features such as fill or kill, offsetting (with or without stops) available to your trades. Just click the button to remove the red 'X' and activate global settings.
Enhance Ladder
Selecting this will show the additional advanced features available with the ladder such as charting, bet history and a dedicated trade profit calculator.
Reorder Ladders
Clicking on this button will reorder the ladders in ascending price order with the favourite placed in ‘Ladder 1’ position.
Ladder Settings Editor
Clicking the spanner icon will launch the Ladder Settings Editor
Greening Options
The left hand column of the ladder is the 'trading profit column' which your potential position should you close your trade at a given price. You can configure this column to use greening (or not) when displaying values and closing positions. A red 'X' through the icon indicates that greening is off.
Close And Green Up All Trades
The P&L value to the right of the greening options button shows your potential profit for the market if you were to close all open positions at current market prices and green up to spread the profit (or loss) evenly across all selections. This is often referred to as 'Greening All Selections'. Just click the button to place the required bets and Green All Selections.