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Ladder / Depth of Market Interface

The ‘ladder’ or ‘depth of market’ interface allows you to view all available odds on a specific selection. By viewing a small number of selections in a vertical manner this interface allows you to see and trade the entire market depth in a convenient point and click interface. You have the ability to drag and drop orders in and out of the market with ease, speed and efficiency. Seeing the full market depth allows you to fill gaps in the market and also view the current range and volatility at a glance.
Setting up
On the first visit to this page you will be presented with a display of vertical odds across the screen. Each of these represents the first three selections in the current market you are viewing. In order to change any of the selections, simply click on drop down menu with your selection. To the right of the selection name there is a small chart icon, clicking on this will bring up the current Betfair charts for this selection.
Using the ladder style option in the settings editor you can change the way the interface is represented on your computer. You are able to adapt the ladder display to either normal or large rows. Not only does this make the screen more useable it will allow you to adjust the screen to your monitor size. The ‘normal’ row size fits the odds and match bets total and allows more cells per screen. The ‘large’ row size puts empty space around the current data. This means it is easier to view each cell and the chance of clicking on the wrong one is minimised. There are a range of display options and all are available from this drop down menu. If you have a larger screen with a high screen resolution you will be able to fit more rows on. Experiment with this menu until you find a setting you are satisfied with.
You can also define how the ladder behaves when you click on it. Using the ‘Odds Display’ option you can force orders on the ladder to enter on back side only, on the lay side only or you can have back orders on the left and lay orders on the right or the opposite of this. Each method has plus and minus points depending on how you wish to trade the market and what Bet Angel features you aim to trade with. For more information on ‘Odds Display’ read the dedicated section.

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