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Ladder Staking Area & Pre-set Stakes

In this area we can set pre-set stake amounts to allow us to quickly change the stakes used when betting on the ladder.
The standard stake area is set by the default stake amount defined in the settings editor.
The Pre-set stakes we can change by over-typing the values. For example, if I want to use £2, £5, £10 and so on I can enter these values.
The Net Stake is showing us the current stake required to close a position on a particular market selection. As an additional help, the background colour of the Net stake shows us whether we need to place a BACK (blue background)  or LAY (pink background) bet to close the position.
For example, here a £50 LAY bet has been matched in the market. This makes our NET STAKE £50. Bet Angel is showing that a BACK bet of £50 (blue background) is required to close our position. We can quickly select the Net Stake by clicking on it with the mouse then placing a BACK bet.
Note that the trade profit calculator cannot be used for greening once a position has been closed and has zero Net Stake.
There are four ways to display the ladder staking area via the settings editor. Choose whichever suits you. Compressed settings are more suited to layouts with lots of ladders as display real-estate is at a premium.
Compressed 1
Compressed 2

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