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Managing Multiple Windows - Undocking and Pinning

When viewing multiple windows it is possible to undock certain features and display them on another connected monitor. You may also wish to stop an undocked windows (such as a 'Watch List') being hidden each time you click on the one click screen. This will enable you to view the one click screen and a watch list, or ladder, or chart; on the same monitor and use them at the same time.
The ladder can also hide windows as it becomes the main focus as you pass the mouse over it.
Bet Angel has an undocking feature and this allows you to move a window to a new monitor or position it where you like on the current monitor.
Clicking on this button will undock the screen. It will then be replaced by the following two buttons:
Clicking on the drawing pin symbol will then 'pin' this windows to the top so it always displays.
Two ladders from different markets and a watch list undocked and pinned on top of the one click screen.
See this video for this in action: