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Main settings toolbar


Price Refresh Setting

Here we can control how frequently the Bet Angel trading screen calls Betfair for new market prices (odds).
The following intervals can be selected:
Refresh Intervals shaded grey can only be used with 'Exchange Streaming' enabled. See this Section of the User Guide
The Refresh Interval 'Update' will monitor the price stream and update your trading screen as soon as new information arrives, This will reduce CPU usage on slower markets, and still saves a few milliseconds even when betfair is publishing market updates at their maximum speed.
A setting of 300ms - 350ms will be sufficient for most purposes. If the market is particularly volatile then a faster setting can be selected.
Further fine tuning of your communications settings can be achieved via the main settings editor.
If you untick the refresh check box above, all prices will be frozen. If you want the latest prices then ensure 'Refresh' is ticked.

Settings Profiles

These pick lists allow for the screen layout and settings currently being used by Bet Angel to be changed from one of your saved profiles to another.  This feature can be very useful if you have a different setup for different market types or strategies and wish to quickly switch from one to another. See here.




This will bring up the built-in Windows calculator application.


Guardian is a powerful tool for managing multiple markets. It gives access to watch lists, advanced automation, and multi-market spreadsheets. You can read more about it here.
Clicking on the 'G' will open up Guardian.
Clicking on the 'G+' will add the market currently open in Bet Angel's main trading screen to the list of markets managed by Guardian.

Trade Profit (Cash Out) Calculators


These tools enable you to view your position on a selection to understand the profit or loss available when closing a trade at various prices. At a glance you'll be able to see the value of offering a closing bet to the market compared to taking the current price; you can also enter a price of your choosing to understand the risk/reward of various exit points.  See here - Bet Angel Trade Profit (Cash Out) Calculators.

Additional Features

On the right hand side of the Bet Angel toolbar you will be able to launch some of the additional features of Bet Angel.
The meter icon on the left will open up the Bet Angel Market Overview screen.
The In-Play trader tool can be accessed by clicking on the winning post button.
The specialist tools. Tennis Trader and Soccer Mystic represented by a tennis ball and a soccer ball. See the sections later in this guide.

Automation Servant

The concierge icon will open the Automation Servants feature