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Market Filter Editor

With the 'Market Filter Editor' users can configure their own unique and customized searches, this includes filtering by: Market Start Time, Event Type, Text matching, Country, Market Type, Traded Volume, In-play status, and even if the market will turn In-play or not.
The editor also allows you to define one or more Filter Sets; the final market tree to be displayed will then be built from the aggregated results of those sets.
The ‘Preview’ page at the end of the Filter Editor shows the results of your current filtering criteria and how they will be displayed to you before you save it as a named filter. That named filter will then be available in the filter pick lists ready for you to use
Launch Market Filter Editor
To launch the 'Market Filter Editor' and reveal all the options available to begin creating your own customized filters click on the 'Filter' icon at the side of the filter pick list on either the 'Select' or 'Search' tabs.
For a detailed example of creating a market filter step-by-step please see this blog

Video Tutorial