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Navigating around Bet Angel and additional set up features

Before you start using Bet Angel it is worth familiarising yourself with the many additional options available. This will also help you to navigate around the software and select the market you wish to bet or trade on. It can seem daunting when you first look at the software so having a quick look around will help.
Selecting or deselecting unwanted features
The software is feature rich but many features have been added at clients' requests. You may not want to use all  features of Bet Angel, everyone is different, so we offer the ability to choose the features you need and temporarily hide the ones you don't. Select 'Features' With your mouse and a drop down list will appear, you can see them in the example image. If the feature is ticked it will be active and those not ticked will be inactive. Deselecting unwanted feature can save on system resources. If you save settings and have unselected features, Bet Angel will continue to disable these features until you re-enable them. Try switching them on and off to become comfortable with their use.
Selecting a market to trade
We showed the use of the "Select a market and start betting" button and the use of the ‘File’ option earlier in this guide. The latter offers a few more features. If you click on select market you can select any of the available markets on Betfair. This menu will also display the last five markets you have looked at. If you want to skip quickly between markets then you can use this menu to jump quickly between the most recently viewed markets. For example, it we want to look again at Ling 15th Oct 14:30 7f Mdn we can simply select that market with our mouse or press Ctrl + 3 on our keyboard
Navigating between Bet Angel functions
Once you have selected a market you will arrive at the ‘One-click’ trading screen. To move to other Bet Angel functions simply click on the function that you wish to use.