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Using the keyboard to navigate

Bet Angel – Keyboard commands
It is possible to navigate around Bet Angel using your keyboard. This has been implemented so that you can gain quick and easy access to several functions almost instantaneously without the use of a mouse. Some of these options are also highlighted on the main menus.
Keyboard               Result
CTRL + N                    Jump to the next market on the market selection list
CTRL + P                    Jump to the previous market on the market selection list
CTRL + SHIFT + P     Jump to the next horse racing market
CTRL + SHIFT + N     Jump to the previous horse racing market
F1                               One click trading
F2                               Ladder trading
F3                               Automation
F4                               Charting
F5                               Manual bet
F6                               Dutching    
F7                               Bookmaking
F9                               Matched bets
F10                            Saved bets
F11                            Bet Angel activity log
F12                            Bet Angel settings
CTRL + F1               Set force open to ‘Normal’
CTRL + F2               Set force open to ‘Back’
CTRL + F3               Set force open to ‘Lay’
CTRL + F4               Set force open to ‘Reverse’
NB: You can also assign over 100 further actions to shortcut keys of your choice using the keyboard shortcut editor